An Ancient Healing Instrument:

The Didgeridoo

An invitation to journey and experience the love and joy of your existence with the healing tones and frequencies of the Didgeridoo, an ancient healing instrument that creates a harmonic attunement to the body, mind and spirit.

The Didgeridoo merges modern and ancient cultures reconnecting us to a timeless silent place of inner knowing, peace, and realignment with our true nature beyond pain and suffering. The sacred healing sound of the Didgeridoo assists you in feeling the vibration of who you are.

Sound Offering: The Experience

The healing sounds of the Didjeridoo create a trance like experience where the body, mind and spirit become one. The vibrational frequencies of the Didjeridoo are a powerful reminder to our bodies that we are more than the physical form. We merge into the formless existence aligning with our True Selves. All tensions, dis-ease, pain and stress become absorbed into the sound waves and transformed into a harmonious balanced state of being.

If you are ready to profoundly transcend and release stuck and limiting patterns that hold you back from living your life fully, then gift yourself a Sound Healing Session and experience the ancient healing sounds of the Didgeridoo.

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∆ Testimonial ∆

Attending one of Christopher’s sound empowerment sessions is a co-creative experience that I always look forward to on my healing journey. I participate in his sessions with the intent to soothe anxiety and discover/heal the root source of my chronic pain.  Christopher’s calming presence as a channel for healing sound frequencies is a potent force, facilitating truly powerful resonances to surrender to, surf, and explore with inner vision. In these frequencies of his playing I find the ability to astral travel to sacred sites, work with animal and insect totems as messengers for my expansion, and actually see the frequencies unwinding and reconfiguring my DNA codes at a cellular level. This is powerful medicine. Unlike other sound healing instruments, I have observed that the power of the didgeridoo contains a full orchestra of healing resonances that waivers from deep melodics to higher angelic realms. In each session I experience permanent healing on all aspects of my being; body, mind, soul, and blessings upon the future creations that I intend. None better.

– Merissa Indigo

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